We are Lindsey and Sydney and we are conchheads!

Millions of people are bored doing the same "fun" activities week after week.  But, we are never bored because exploration and adventure are in our blood.

Our Bahamian and American ancestors were brave explorers who discovered a rich new world in Key West, Florida.  Six generations ago, in the late 1800s, our paternal great, great, great grandfather helped establish Key West's "Bahama Village" neighborhood.  In the early 1900s, a second set of grandparents emigrated from Harbour Island, Bahamas, to Key West.  The Key West street that still bears our family's name is located a few blocks away from the southernmost point of the Continental USA.

Years ago, we coined the term, "conchhead" and created a character -- "Conch Head" -- to celebrate adventurous people who love Key West.

We since have discovered that Key West does not have a monopoly on adventurous people and awesome places, events, and things.  Adventurous people and incredible opportunities to explore exist everywhere.  So, we started the "Explore a Little Company" to encourage others to experience new people, challenges, places and things and all of the riches they will bring.